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OO, us
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my name starts with an R the rest of the letters are A, V, E, and then N i uh....i....what do i put here? okay. i play bass i draw things...mostly band members or...something else...like a flower...thats wilted, ya knoo? i likey the metal:)
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DETHKLOK! korn SOAD cannibal corpse devil driver lamb of godpantera BLS toolAND MORE METAL
Favorite Books:
ima major book-nerd so theres lots:carrietommyknockersbag of bonesITThe Talisman(#1, greatest book ever)A Wind Through The DoorA Wrinkle In TimeAn Acceptable TimeContact(beautiful)the short story, Night Surf by Stephen King

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People I look up to

Brendon Small: beautiful musician AND hilarious
Jonathan Davis: also a great musician(vocalist)
Serj Tankian: a great person, beautiful voice
Dimebag Darrel: same reason, amazing musician

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